Listener Letters

Listener Letters

Dear Erik and Kathy,

I heard you mention this morning that you will be discussing unusual eating on Monday. Here is some science you might include.

We don't all experience taste the same way. Listeners might remember me surprising them in science class with bits of paper that were tasteless to some and quite awful to others. Our different tastes are quite literally differences on a molecular level.

Acid and salt are in the sauerkraut and mustard you mentioned, and most other condiments. Both make you salivate. Saliva then bathes your taste buds to magnify tastes. Saliva also has enzymes that start breaking down foods, releasing more taste. So those peanut butter cookies probably were improved by sauerkraut.

I am able to eat almost anything without a beverage. I thinkI must salivate more than most people. I also do not care for overly sour or salty foods, perhaps because I don't need their help. I also prefer to eat all of one food before going to the next, and I am told I was this way even when a toddler. Perhaps I taste foods more intensely, and don't want to mess that up.

Thanks for your always-interesting highlights each morning.


Dear Randy Iverson,
Hey Randy, Just wanted to tell you we listened to the game from San Diego last Friday night. We were out there for Collins graduation from the Marines. You guys did a great job, first time I have ever missed one of my kids games and listened to it on the radio but it was a lot of fun to listen. Thanks for a great broadcast!! Go Vikes!! Jason
Jason Tweten

Just wanted to thank you for having the Rise Up Show on Sunday morning. I live in La Crosse and go to Winona area for church every Sunday.. I start loosing the radio broadcast about 5 miles out of Winona so I turn on the app. Thanks again

I have two kids that listen to your show on the bus on the way to school in the mornings. They are from the South Winneshiek School District. They ride to school on bus #14. There names are Calli  8(daughter) and Ashton 7(son ).  They  even changing the preset on my truck to KNEI.  I thought they would get a kick out of hearing there name on KNEI around the 7-7:30 time frame as they are AVID KNEI listeners.

Wanted to thank KNEI and the Snowflake Ski Club. I won a promotional button to their event this past weekend. Sue and I went Sat. and took our 8 yr. old Grand Daughter Alison along. She just loved it. We all had a great time. If anyone gets a chance next yr. go. It's a great family outing.
Thanks again,Greg Gib Gilbertson

Just wanted to say thank you for always playing great music, but ESPECIALLY today! I listen to KVIK everyday at work and when I'm in the car and you have definitely made my day brighter than it already was with all the great hits you're playing today. 

I just wanted to say congratulations on your new venture.  I am so proud of you!  I heard you on the radio this morning and I know you will do a great job.  Keep up the good work. 
Your friends,
Jan and Jim Pfiffner

Hey KNEI! - Would just like to say you guys are awesome! I listen online at work in Independence, IA - and by far blow any (other) country stations out of the water! I discovered your signal in the car one day, looked you up on the internet and haven't strayed away yet simply because its a great mix - I grew up listening to the 90's and older as I was very much a 90's child with a family of musicians in bands - myself being the third generation of band musicians and anytime I turn on your station its much like a flash back and definitely a breath of fresh air on the ears! Keep up the good work and I'll keep listening online here at work!

Travis McBride

Thank you for streaming your station on line. It brings a piece of home with me as I travel. Currently listing from Changzhou China!


Ken Rupp

I listen everyday at work and whenever I'm in the tractor, keep up the good work, no other radio station compares!


Jon Steffens 

Listening to KNEI Bluff country in Sunderland, England. It has to be about one of the best stations on the planet. Proper radio. Thank you.